Downtime Thursday at 9am

Dear Twinizens, We are going to have a downtime to deploy a patch of Twinity between 9am-10am CET on Thursday, August 18th. We will be down only 30 minutes aproximately! Your Twinity Team

Twinity under maintenance

Dear Twinizens, We are sorry for the unannounced maintenance but it seems that our servers needed a little break. We’re investigating the causes for this and are working to resume service as soon as we can. Many apologies for the inconvenience. Your Twinity Team

Downtime Friday 30th July 9am

Dear Twinizens, We will have an update of Twinity tomorrow Friday 30th July around 9am. Expect a downtime of about 30 minutes:  the update will bring you a new city, so the reward for your patience will be HUGE! 🙂 Your Twinity Team

Downtime: Monday 12th July, 11:00 CET

Dear Twinizens, We’ll have an update of Twinity coming up today. Expect a downtime of 30 minutes around 11:00 CET. The update will cover certain bugs on user side and enhancements on the server side as well as some usability improvements. Your Twinity Team

We have just updated Twinity!

Dear Twinizens, We have just updated to a new version of Twinity! Here is an overview of the new fixes: – Giving gifts to multiple people is now improved and  you can also drag and drop gifts. – Fullscreen mode now supports various screen proportions – try it out, Twinity in fullscreen is a different experience! – Once again, you …

Possessed to skate!

No, I’m not talking about the old Suicidal Tendencies song, although that’s always good for nostalgia. What I am talking about is Twinizens taking to the skateboard. Want to see some examples? Check out Sered’s thoughts about Skateboard Fun in Twinity over on Koinup. Or check out a new skate park in Twinity! Or maybe more skate races! 🙂

Wrapping up the week at Metaversum, March 19, 2010

Some highlights from a busy week at Metaversum: Our Welcome area continues to get notice We welcome former Therians and like to hear their thoughts on Twinity A new apartment promotion in the new areas of Virtual Berlin! Grab your Twinity skateboard And brace for life in the shadows Have a great weekend and see you soon in Twinity!

Ambient occlusion – wait, ambient what?

One of the major new features in our most recent update has to do with lighting in Twinity. It’s called ambient occlusion, and it’s basically an improvement to the shadows and lighting in Twinity. There’s more technical information behind that, but we’ll leave that alone for now. 😉

From Koinup: Twinity welcomes Therians, expanded Berlin and more

Here’s the pointer to the post over at Koinup. We over here at Metaversum have put in a lot of effort in welcoming our new members, former Therians or not. I’m glad to see that someone noticed 🙂 Metaversum has extended a warm welcome to these new users, by creating a special welcome package for Therians. Metaversums’ Jeremy also stepped …