From Koinup: Twinity welcomes Therians, expanded Berlin and more

Here’s the pointer to the post over at Koinup. We over here at Metaversum have put in a lot of effort in welcoming our new members, former Therians or not. I’m glad to see that someone noticed 🙂

Metaversum has extended a warm welcome to these new users, by creating a special welcome package for Therians. Metaversums’ Jeremy also stepped in, by writing an honest, open blog entry discussing some of the cited reasons for There’s demise and how Metaversum deals with those issues. He also engages Twinizens (old and new alike) by soliciting specific user feedback, but so far he hasn’t gotten much, which is a bit of a shame. If you have anything to say to Jeremy, please go post your thoughts.

Yes, it really would be great to get more feedback there. Please comment everyone!

And, I want to make sure to highlight the pictures posted on Koinup. Granted, I’m biased, but I do think the Pergamon Museum is very well done.

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