Love in Twinity – Inspiring Stories

Balancing work and relationships in-real is hard enough. Add distance to that and you got a real challenge on your hands.

While Valentine’s Day is well passed now we wanted to share some more love from some of the couples in Twinity.

3DPhotography: Elz Zee

We want to hear from you and know your story. So if you want to share it and if have any tips and ideas for those just starting out, get in touch!

All you need to do is head over to the Twinity Influencers Facebook Group and write in the comments for this post #TogetherApart. Our team will get in touch with you for details.

We’ll start with the first three couples reaching out. 🙂

Challenge Winners – I only have heart 😍eyes for…

Joan & Jacob.. What do you think their couple nickname would be.. JJ perhaps, or JJoan.. Well whatever they choose they are our first couple for this challenge. I mean, just look at those loving, longing glances 🤩

If you’d like to see or why not meet Joan and Jacob in Twinity, check out their Twinity profiles here and here

I only have heart 😍eyes for…

Alright love birds.. this is a simple one we know you’ll love!

Head over to the Twinity Influencers Group on Facebook and post a #couplephoto of you and your special someone.

Female Avatar with red heart-shaped glasses smiling
3DArtwork By Eo

Requirements -must haves or your submission will be disqualified
Add the hashtag #HeartEyes to your post
Add a link to both your Twinity profile and that of your special someone
Tag your beloved’s Facebook name to the post
Upload the picture to your Twinity gallery

Here is the timeline
First week from February 10 – February 16 – winners are announced on February 17th.
Second Week February 17th – February 23rd -winners are announced on February 24th
Third Week February 24th- March 2nd – winners will be announced on March 3rd.

Prizes will be awarded weekly to one couple
Badge Global Romance
100 Globals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts

More sometimes really means better! 😉 let me explain…
This year #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday bundle together in 2 awesome weeks of discounts for selected properties.

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Offer starts, yes you guessed it, now 😉 and lasts just enough to give you an awesome start to the #HolidaysSeason. It ends on December 7th.

Virtual Fashionista Weekend Challenge

Are you shopping this #weekend? 😉 I think you are so here’s a fun #weekend challenge for you!

Take a picture of your avatar with an item you purchased in any shop in Twinity (it can be a dress, a skirt, a top, hairstyles) and post it in the Twinity Influencers group with the hashtag #Fashionista

Add the name of the store and the name of the creator as well as a link to your Twinity profile.

We’ll give you half of the item’s cost back! If you purchase a hairstyle that costs 50 Globals (not promo) we’ll give you 25 Globals back.

  • You can only submit 1 image/ day
  • Purchase price has to be Globals (not promo Globals)
  • Purchased items can only be clothing items (no furniture items or objects)
  • All the above guidelines must be followed as described otherwise it won’t count

Challenge starts now (Friday November 20th, 2020) and ends on Sunday November 22nd, 2020 at 11:59 PM CET. Globals will be allocated during Monday.

🎃Halloween Costume Contest Winner

Meet the #winner of our #HalloweenCostume Contest this year! One winner one prize.. well actually two prizes ✨


Congrats Jacob! You won the 500 Globals prize and “Avatar of the Week” badge. Check out Jacob’s image details in the Twinity Influencers Group!

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Halloween Weekend Costume Contest

#ThisIsThriller Show off your spookiest style! For a chance to win 500 Globals and Avatar of the Week badge.

There will only be one winner and they will be awarded 500 Globals.

#3DPhotography Amazona

Contest guidelines/rules:

  • Only General Audience outfits only since this will be a public “posting”
  • You will need to own all the item in the costume and all items must be available for purchase in Twinity.
  • You can only post one image and only one costume
  • No copyright items. This means you can not use products with copyright trade marks on them such as superman symbol, batman symbol, etc.
  • No exclusive products can be used. This means that if you create your own outfit/ clothes you will have to make them public and for sale but you can not price them so high that they can’t be bought by others. They will get your image disqualified
  • Post a picture of your #Halloween costume with hashtag #ThisIsThriller and post it along with a link to your Twinity profile in the Twinity Influencers Facebook group HERE!
  • Ask your friends to React to your image (like, love, laugh, care all count). Their vote will make up as 50% of the decision.

It is up to you to make sure your entry or entries all meet with in the rules given here. So make sure to read and follow all rules listed as you will not be messaged if your entry is breaking the rules.

Start Date: NOW!!!! 😀  End Date: October 31st, 2020 23:59 CET 
Judging will be from November 1st until November 3rd.
Winner will be announced on November 4th, 2020

#LoveToDress Challenge Winner

Our #Weekend #DressUpChallenge came to an end and we have our winner!! And we got to admit… it was not an easy choice at all.

Without further delays our winner is…. Chantelle‘s beautifully vibrant #AvatarPortrait

Check out Chantelle’s image details about the items she’s wearing in the Twinity Influencers Group

We also have one honorary mention.. we’d have more but we decided to keep it short.. Congrats to our one entry for guys in this challenge 😉 We’d love to see that outfit up-close -Check out the image HERE

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