We have just updated Twinity!

Dear Twinizens,

We have just updated to a new version of Twinity!

Here is an overview of the new fixes:

– Giving gifts to multiple people is now improved and  you can also drag and drop gifts.
– Fullscreen mode now supports various screen proportions – try it out, Twinity in fullscreen is a different experience!
– Once again, you can change textures of the walls on your apartments with immediate effect.
– If you experience some problems with uploading a Collada model we can now provide you with a message that explains the issue faced.
– Your avatar will now be able to faultlessly walk down stairs instead of howering over them.
– The behavior of some tool tips has been improved.
– On hitting the F4 button while teleporting you will not get a blue screen anymore.
– We updated the seating parameters, to ensure that your avatar can sit on any seat without a hitch.
– Various improvements and fixes were also implemented on the server side.

    As always we would love hear from you, especially on this new release. If you have something say, just drop us a line at support@twinity.com.

    Your Twinity Team

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