Twinity Update 15th April

Dear  Twinizens, We updated today Twinity with a new patch that includes the following improvements: 1. Three major crashes were fixed 😀 2. A problem was fixed that prevented users to click on some areas of the browser surface 3. Chat emoticons icons now work with upper and lower case words 4. The ranges of the face sliders work now …

New Patch

Hello Twinizens, we have released a New Patch for you fixing: – the crashes. – typing info was reactivated. – current radio is shown in place info. – now we can set welcome areas for different countries (Germany and International) We hope you like it … Enjoy Twinity then! Twinity Team

Twinity Update

Dear Twinizens, The long-awaited new release of Twinity is going out today. 1. New Places Menu and features: – we added categories to have a better search – we added New York in the cities menu 2. The event calendar will open directly on the running event 3. A new “Add flatmate” system that should also work with 5.000 friends …

Twinity Update

We’ve just applied an update. This update contains several changes including the following: Promo-Global control for shop-owners both on the website and in-game Right-click on any object you own now shows the number of polygons Fixes to the in-world shop system Removed “zzz” from chat bubble if you are afk Preview renderer for shop-items fixed

New patch

Twinizens, We have a short communication for you: we just released a new patch to fix few bugs, including several minor improvements and repairing the radio in-world and the map! We hope that you will appreciate it! Your Twinity team.

Twinity Update

Dear Twinizens, today we will release a patch to fix several bugs: – Fixes problems with uploading transparent objects – Fixes for wrong position of mini-map in Miami – Several improvements for the apartment editor – Better wording and ordering of context-menues – “Move object here” was added to new apartments – Avatar context-menu does not show if avatar is …

Avatar of the Day: Sapphirerose

Today Sapphirerose showed us her place and told us about her project for a Twinity event series and we are thrilled! We also adore her outfit designed by Mistic!

Avatar of the Day: Xara in NYC!

We love this picture of Xara exploring Twinity’s New York City and hiding behind a bush 😀 We must admit, NYC looks specially magic after the sunset! Post your best pictures to be Twinity’s Avatar of the Day and win Globals!

Get your own place

Last week we introduced free starter apartments for everyone and have gotten great feedback so far! It bears repeating for anyone who may have missed the news – once you’ve completed the welcome tour in Twinity you are rewarded with your own 4 walls for free, no matter how long ago you joined and did the tour! For more information …

Twinity downtime Thursday 16th September

Dear Twinizens, Thursday 16th of September between 10:00 a.m and 11:00 a.m CET we will unfortunately experience some downtime in Twinity. We will be down around 30 minutes and we will fix the issues caused by Monday’s update and we will also add improvements in 🙂 Please contact once we are back in case you experience any trouble! …