Twinity beta: First 50 invites sent

We’ve sent out invites to the first 50 people selected for our closed beta. If you didn’t yet receive an invite, please be patient. We’re trying our best to accommodate everyone, but it will be in phases, as previously mentioned. We hope to align those phases along the lines of what we need to test and beta members’ interests. We …

Virtual Worlds 2007 attendees interested in Twinity beta?

As previously mentioned, I’m currently at the Virtual Worlds 2007 Conference and Expo in San Jose, California, USA. If you’re here, and interested in the Twinity beta, just introduce yourself and give your business card. 🙂

Twinity announcements next week

I know it’s been pretty slow on this blog, because we haven’t had much to announce publicly about Twinity and the upcoming Twinity beta. Next week, we’ll be talking more about the beta and making a few announcements.