Celebrating Love Made in Twinity -Suz and Jim

Some call it madness..some call it love…

Have a look at this week’s #LoveMadeinTwinity challenge inspiring love story between Suz and Jim. Suz’s submission to Twinity Influencers Facebook group takes us through a “visual journey” of their #VRLoveStory from the beginning until today!

Global Romance and 100 Globals each have been sent your way! Congrats!

Image provided by Suz

This is just a quick peek check out Suz’s and Jim’s profiles in Twinity for more.

If you missed the initial blog post with the challenge guidelines you can find it here.

No matter how we think of it… we found this quote to be a wonderful way to , why not, add to our celebration of love! “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. “
– Lao Tzu

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August Romance Month – An inspiring Love Story

It all started when….

Because every love story is unique we want to know yours!!
All throughout August we want to hear and feature your love story made in Twinity!

We want to know how you met, who introduced you, how long have you been together, are you together in-real, plans for the future! Celebrate your love story by sharing it and be an inspiration to everyone!
In your own words and your own pictures or videos whichever means you prefer to share the story with the world.

Check out details below!

Every week we will be choosing the best image as Couple of the Week and award the couple with the Globals Romance Trophy and 100 Globals each!

Post your images or videos in Twinity Influencers Facebook group here with the title #LoveMadeInTwinity

Ask your friends to like and share your images.
The images with the most votes(likes, loves both count) wins the badge and the Globals and will get featured by Twinity.

First round starts on August 1st CET and will end in August 7th winners announced on August 9th and we will continue so until August 31st.

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National Romance Month- Love Made in Twinity

Halfway between Valentine’s Day and a few months before the cozy holiday season, we believe August to be the perfect time to celebrate National Romance Month!

It’s those little everyday gestures that are sometimes the most memorable. So to help you get started we’re giving you a few tips, 3 to start with, to express your love. And without further ado…

Have one evening without power. Lock all the doors, place as many candles as you like around and just focus on each other. Your hearts and minds will love you for it!

Pack a picnic basket and surprise your loved one with a morning outdoor weekend brunch

When was the last time you slow danced? Just put on a romantic song and ask… “May I have this dance?” Truly a timeless romantic gesture

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Virtual World Freedom Sales – up to 50% OFF

Can you believe how fast June flew right by us?!
But that’s okay because we have the best summer month right ahead: July. And you know what that means, many BBQs and beach days in your future, Annnd 4th of July sales!!

Now you can plan that #4thofJuly #IndependenceDay party – be it a #BeachParty, a backyard #BBQParty or a #StreetParty- any way you like in your dream #VirtualHome.

Because.. you know that #VirtualProperty you’ve always wanted but was just a bit too pricey to get? Well guess what? It’s on sale!!

Until Friday 11:59 CET 50+ EUR properties have up to 50% OFF discounts!!

Virtual World Properties

Check out Real Estate Hold for already awesome discounts or send in a link to the property of your choice and if it’s starting value is over 50 EUR you will buy it with a 10 EUR discount, if it’s 80+ EUR 15% Off discount and if it’s 110+ EUR 25% discount.

If you’re thinking of buying a property in the city we’ve got you covered as well 😉 !!

You can buy your place in #VirtualLondon, #VirtualBerlin, #VirtualnewYork , #VirtualMiami or #VirtualSingapore and get a King of the World size upgrade when you buy a King Size if your property is 50+ EUR in value.

Offer ends on Friday June 5th 11:59 CET.

My Little Beach-House Getaway Virtual World Decorating Contest

Guest Post By: Eo


For those unfamiliar yet with this contest here’s a link that will explain it all My Little Beach-House Getaway

The story…

After about two weeks in which Elz Zee, Twinity and myself visited wonderful #SummerDestinations submitted by Twinizens , the time came to choose the winner and let me tell, it was no easy task!

None of the submitted properties were your classical #BeachHouse. Each one was everything you could imagine a Beach House should be… and more!

One thing was clear, each and every one has a unique style for both exterior and interior design. 

From clear simple lines to fantasy accents… each place felt to us like the type of place that whether a #VirtualLocation or an #InReal one , you could do anything there. A little bit of everything you need for entertaining inside and out because in the end…this is what virtual worlds are all about .. experiencing your dreams, your fantasies, even your hopes.

But enough about that..The winner is.. Sunshine Beach!!!

  Suz (the owner of Sunshyine Beach) will receive the “Twinity Builder” badge and 350 Globals! As part of the prize Sunshine Beach will be featured as the first Summer Destination for June!

The #machinima is a little sneak-peek of the place but we encourage everyone to go visit and make sure you sign the guestbook and rate the place!


Until our next contest,

Happy Summer everyone!



Beach-House Getaway

With summer just around the corner Eo’s challenge idea themed My little beach house getaway comes right on time!

You can check out the details in Twinity Influencers Facebook Group but we’ll sum it up real quick for you!

If you have a knack for #decoration be it #interiordesign or exterior and you love to create places where you can spend time with your online friends and have a chance to make new friends and memories to last you a life-time then this is the challenge for you! Not to mention you have a chance to win Globals and a nice shiny Twinity badge while you’re at it too! 😉

Challenge started today and it ends May 29th, 2019.

Ready…? Stea-dy…Decorate! 😉



Twinity Influencers Group

There is no moment too big or too small… every moment has to be shared! You know… Just like when you’re in love ..You want to shout it off the rooftops”!!

We’ve got just the rooftop for that! Check out and join the new public Twinity influencer Facebook group

What can you share in this group – everything you want to share with your fellow Twinizens and other Twinity communities.





Virtual Real-Estate March Sale

20% OFF on select Real Estate Hold properties! Because you know what they say! Every realtor is just another ninja in a blazer! 😅

Check out what this ninja has to offer this month by visiting Real Estate Hold Center!

Or read below if you have a rental you want to purchase! 😉

If you want to purchase your rental, we want to help!

Email support from the email attached to your Twinity account with the URL and name of the place you want to purchase.

Discounts will apply to properties over 30 EUR purchased from support, as follows.

  • Properties valued between 30 EUR – 75 EUR are 20% OFF
  • Properties valued over 76 EUR are 30% OFF

All properties are fully upgraded.

All items present at the moment of purchase are included.

Ends on March 23rd.

Bad Hair Day Challenge

Bad hair days tend to happen at the worst possible moment. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get your locks to assume their normal pretty-as-a-picture or handsome-as-all-hell form. 😉 Turn your #BadHairDay into…well maybe not stylishly but still an awesome day!! Because it might just win you 100 Globals and an awesome!! Keep reading to find out how.

Take a picture of your avatar and post it on Twinity’s Facebook Page then ask your friends to vote for it.

The picture with the most votes, wins! It’s that simple.

You’ll have until January 16th, 2019 to post your pictures.

Start a New Virtual Life- Twinizen “How To” Guide

It’s here.. December is here and you know what means! 😀 It’s Holiday Season!!! And we at Twinity hope you have a happy one!!

Now.. this post isn’t about the holidays but it is a little gift from one of our Twinizens, have a look!

We really liked this video and Infinity’s initiative to make a guide series on how to get your very own avatar in Twinity, how to get around and just general stuff  so we thought we’d share it real quick. 🙂

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Are you not a Twinizen yet? Time to change that because we most definitely want you to join – start here Choose Your Avatar and of course just as Infinity describes, claim your virtual world avatar and start building your new life!

See you in world! 🙂