Halloween Weekend Costume Contest

#ThisIsThriller Show off your spookiest style! For a chance to win 500 Globals and Avatar of the Week badge.

There will only be one winner and they will be awarded 500 Globals.

#3DPhotography Amazona

Contest guidelines/rules:

  • Only General Audience outfits only since this will be a public “posting”
  • You will need to own all the item in the costume and all items must be available for purchase in Twinity.
  • You can only post one image and only one costume
  • No copyright items. This means you can not use products with copyright trade marks on them such as superman symbol, batman symbol, etc.
  • No exclusive products can be used. This means that if you create your own outfit/ clothes you will have to make them public and for sale but you can not price them so high that they can’t be bought by others. They will get your image disqualified
  • Post a picture of your #Halloween costume with hashtag #ThisIsThriller and post it along with a link to your Twinity profile in the Twinity Influencers Facebook group HERE!
  • Ask your friends to React to your image (like, love, laugh, care all count). Their vote will make up as 50% of the decision.

It is up to you to make sure your entry or entries all meet with in the rules given here. So make sure to read and follow all rules listed as you will not be messaged if your entry is breaking the rules.

Start Date: NOW!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ย ย End Date: October 31st, 2020 23:59 CETย 
Judging will be from November 1st until November 3rd.
Winner will be announced on November 4th, 2020

#LoveToDress Challenge Winner

Our #Weekend #DressUpChallenge came to an end and we have our winner!! And we got to admit… it was not an easy choice at all.

Without further delays our winner is…. Chantelle‘s beautifully vibrant #AvatarPortrait

Check out Chantelle’s image details about the items she’s wearing in the Twinity Influencers Group

We also have one honorary mention.. we’d have more but we decided to keep it short.. Congrats to our one entry for guys in this challenge ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’d love to see that outfit up-close -Check out the image HERE

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Show Us How You #LoveToDress in Twinity

#Weekend #DressUpChallenge

Put together your most favorite outfit that best represents your style take a picture and post it the Twinity Influencers Group with the title #DressUpChallenge.

#DigitalArtwork Amazona

Challenge details

  • Your post must have the #DressUpChallenge hashtag
  • You must own all the items you’re wearing in the picture
  • You can only submit 1 image/ day
  • Include a list of the items you’re wearing and where you got them from – it’s not a must but it’d be nice especially for the creators who spent time and energy designing the clothes.
  • Include your Twinity profile link

The winner will receive 150 Globals and #AvatarofTheWeek badge & title

Challenge starts well.. now Friday May 29th, 2020 and ends on Sunday May 31st, 2020 at 11:59 PM CET

Ray Avatar of the Week

And here’s the winner that wraps up April’s #AvatarOfTheWeek challenge. It doesn’t have a title but we’d like to call it “spring eccentric”

This was the last week for this challenge and we have to admit, it wasn’t easy deciding the winners and that includes this week’s as well!

Thank you everyone who participated in this challenge! We loved all the submissions and on that note we also have one mention for the Avatar of the week challenge – the image submitted by John W – check it out in Twinity Influencers facebook group HERE.

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Until next time #StayAtHome, stay safe and healthy!

Joan Avatar of the Week

Everyone, meet Joan Twinity’s new #AvatarOfTheWeek winner! Looking as lovely as s summer’s day… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Image taken at Danger Zone

The sunshine, open space and the expansive sky reflected in the calm waters give this image a wonderful summer vibe we totally love and just in time for #EarthDay. #AvatarOfTheWeek and 100 Globals have been sent your way Joan, great work.

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Elzee del riel Avatar of the Week

And finaly our #AvatarOfTheWeek winner!

Meet Elzee del riel! Beautiful, sexy and with an attitude to match ๐Ÿ˜‰ She just won #AvatarOfTheWeek and 100 Globals. Congrats Elzee!

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Avatar Of The Week Challenge

We #stayathome and make it fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Time to get creative with your virtual looks and style! Have fun dressing up your avatar, try out different poses and places in Twinity annnd Click!

*Post your picture in Twinity’s Facebook group Twinity Influencersย  with hashtag #AvataroftheWeek and a link to your Twinity profile so we know who you are in Twinity annnnd…that’s it! ๐Ÿ˜€
*All are welcome, we want to see your virtual style!
*Challenge starts this Wednesday April 1st, 2020 (nooo it’s not an April fool’s trick)
*Challenge ends on April 30th,2020.
*You can only post one image/ week for your Twinity account
*Winner will be made public every Wednesday.
: Add details of the items you’re wearing and where you took the picture.

Avatar of the Week badge
100 Globals

#StayAtHome… let’s make it fun!

We know staying at home IRL can be a bit dull. Well not necessarily. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Because your IRL home doesn’t have to be your only home. Time to turn that one place into many virtual places! Get creative and design the homes you want to live in, the sky’s the limit.

Starting now and until April 30th 11:59 CET we offer awesome discounts for #VirtualApartments in Twinity. Check out the already discounted places available through Real Estate Hold.

Here’s what we have in mind 20% OFF for property between 40 – 80 EUR and 35% OFF for property 81+. If you just want to buy your rental or a different property send us the link.

If you prefer a city apartment check out Twinity’s #VirtualLondon#VirtualBerlin#VirtualnewYork #VirtualMiami or #VirtualSingapore 
If the city apartment is over 40 – we’ll give you a King of the World upgrade when you upgrade your new place to King Size.

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Gather digitally with friends while social distancing

It’s time we got more creative with how we spend our time, perhaps read a book, learn to paint or try out digital photography. We can become more creative with our digital parties, finding ways to be together apart by gathering virtually.

virtual gathering in Twinity

Social distancing is the norm these days. And while the term may sound scary itโ€™s important to remember, itโ€™s a good thing that everyone whoโ€™s able should be doing to save lives in the future. There are ways to do that without becoming totally isolated.

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And remember for your safety and that of your loved ones #stayathome!