Twinity’s Most Haunted – Moonlight Island

New property featured for  Twinity’s Most haunted #halloween2017 contest!! Moonlight Island owned by King Geno.

Great deco work, hop online and have a look at this #3Dlocation and catch one of the parties held here, you’ll love it!!!

What your place featured? Join the #HalloweenContest Twinity’s Most Gaunted. Details here
You have millions of 3D #usergenerated items in Twinity’s #onlineshops that will make your #3Ddecorating super fun and easy!!


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Twinity’s Most Haunted – Hunt Wood

Hey all!!

Super excited to post about the first property to be featured in Twinity’s Most haunted #halloween2017 contest!!

Awesome job and awesome place of which we’ll only give you a quick sneak-peek here because it’s a must visit in 3D.

There is still time to enter the #HalloweenContest so have a look here for details
You have millions of 3D #usergenerated items in Twinity’s #onlineshops that will make your #3Ddecorating super fun and easy!!


So… what’s your favorite #HalloweenStyle? 😉
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Be”witch”ing this Halloween.Contest

Whether you love #Halloween or just like to dress up this is the perfect contest for you. Put together the best, most creative costume for your avatar and save and submit it as an outfit for this contest.

Most Original Costume ~ 5000 Globals from Staff – 2 Months VIP Status
Cutest Costume ~ 2500 Globals from Staff – 2 Months VIP Status
Scariest Costume ~ 2500 Globals from staff – 2 Months VIP Status
Honorable Mentions ~ 250 Globals each

You will need to own everything in the outfit you are entering.

Be sure to read this whole post carefully so you know the rules for the contest as well as the correct way to enter.

#3DImage Amazona

Contest guidelines/rules:
~ Everything posted here must follow the Twinity TOS/policies, this means GA outfits only since this will be a public “posting”
~ One post per entry
~ You may enter up to 3 times, but only be able to win one prize.
~ Entries must have the link to your gallery image (uploaded on your Twinity profile page for the outfit you are entering as well as a title/name for the outfit. If you enter more than one outfit, make sure you give them different titles.
~ Solid one color background only (this also means no furniture). If you wish to add a pose to the photo we encourage you to do that.
~ No copyright items. This means you can not use products with copyright trade marks on them such as superman symbol, batman symbol, etc.
~ No exclusive products can be used. This means that if you create your own outfit/ clothes you will have to make them public and for sale but you can not price them so high that they can’t be bought by others.They will get your image disqualified
~Post the image and the URL to your Gallery or Twinity profile to Twinity’s Facebook here and ask your friends to vote for it. Remember we need the link to the image or your profile so we know who you are in Twinity!

It is up to you to make sure your entry or entries all meet with in the rules given here. So make sure to read and follow all rules listed as you will not be messaged if your entry is breaking the rules.

Start Date: NOW!!!! 😀  End Date: October 27, 2017
Judging will be from October 28th to 30th.
Winners will be announced on October 31, 2017

Twinity’s Most Haunted Contest

Your Halloween Room featured on Social Media (ends October 15th): You want to showcase your frightening furniture or horrifying haunted house? Decorate your room Halloween-style then  just have a Halloween-themed party and have a chance to have your room featured on Twinity’s Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages and in-world announcements for everyone to see that your place is this Halloween’s most haunted!!

During the rest of the month of October, we will be promoting a select number of Halloween-themed rooms to help our users find the perfect places to celebrate Halloween. This is the perfect opportunity for you to show your talent and to promote your room/ furniture Shop!

To have a chance at being featured, you must do the following:

1. Make your room public/open to everyone.
2. Throw an awesome party
3. Snap 4 photos of the room. 1 photo should be a “Before” shot . 3 photos should be a “During the party” shot showing your friends having a good time, chatting, or partying in the room.
4. Send the photos and URL of the place to (The place has to belong to the Twinity account you are submitting with)

The deadline to submit your Twinity place for this competition is October 15th.

#3Dsnapshot Eo

– Only 1 room can be submitted per user
– Room must be GA (General Audience) – No AP only rooms
– Rooms must allow everyone to enter – Open to Everyone
– AP furniture is NOT allowed
For some inspiration… Think ghosts, skeletons, witches, candy, jack-o-lanterns, haunted houses, pumpkin patches, creepy cemeteries, etc.
Remember creepy, haunting but not violent-no violent images will be accepted.

Check Twinity’s FacebookTwitter and Blog as well as the in-world pop-ups to see if your room was featured.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them either on Twinity’s Facebook or via e-mail at

I <3 Clubbing!!

Don’t you?! 😉

With a special invitation and a cam in hand 😉 we decided to take our advice to DANCE LIKE NOBODY IS WATCHING (if you missed that post check it out here)  and head to an #onlineevent held at SINGST*R . And online #virtualnightclub !!!! If you don’t know it, visit it HERE!!!

The online #3Dnightclub is currently on our pending list for the Globe Menu and it is owned by Dana Marie and it was beautifully decorated by Andrea!

With great music and a great atmosphere, there is no way you won’t have an awesome time at this place, we definitely did!! Check out a quick #machinima from the event and make sure you won’t miss the next one!!

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