VIP Update is Live

We just released the VIP Update! You find all the information about the new VIP Pass here:

Right now, we are un-hiding a ton of new cool VIP-items in the shop. The Shop Manager will update you on what is available soon. In addition to all the bug-fixes and improvements mentioned in the previous blog post we also added two little things:

1. If you send a postcard to Facebook from the client you will get a little reward (15 Globals per upload, once a day)

2. We optimized many database requests, so now you get faster results if you open the Places menu and the Community menus.

As there was also quite a bit of code cleanup (especially in the parts for gifting, buying, logging in, friend handling), I really hope we did not break anything. Please let us know using  “Send feedback” if you spot new bugs. Next update is already in the pipeline: yet another update to our places menu, that will make it faster and easier to use and will show top Twinity places more prominent.

See you in Twinity!


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