New Patch Today – Places Menu Refresh

Hi Everyone,

we are in the process of releasing a new patch for Twinity.

It contains several bugfixes and a major refresh for the places menu.

The places menu now highlights the most intersting places in Twinity with large buttons and makes it easier to access owned and favorite places. We removed the city-filters as we had the impression they were not all that useful. Instead you now can directly access the most interesting city places by clicking “Explore cities”.

We will adapt the places in the different categories over time. We are open to add user-places, if they are high quality and interesting, but we want to keep the overall number of choices low. Especially new users should find interesting stuff in Twinity with two clicks.

Another interface change is, that the mini-map-icon is now only visible in city places and in cities. The mini-map did not have any useful information in other places so we decided to hide it there.

The bugfixes included in this patch are:

– It is now possible to wear gifted VIP items

– The position and size of windows is stored correctly

– Some changed to text in the interface

– We can now offer VIP objects and animations (not only clothes)