New Client Update

Hi everyone,

we just released another update to the Twinity client. It includes the following changes:

1. We rewrote a lot of the chat display code to improve the performance and reduce the memory consuption of the chat system. The client should get less laggy if you chat a lot.

2. We reworked the member profile page:

– There are new status fields to tell a bit more about yourself and what you are looking for. You can change them directly in the client

– The information in the window has been re-organized to show the most relevant things on top

– We are currently adding a picture gallery for your profile (which is not included in this release)

3. Also we fixed several major bugs:

– The message counters in the main bar are working again

– The progress bar in the main task bar is working again

– The names are displayed correctly in the main task bar

– Statistics are showing correctly in the profile window

We really hope you like the changes. Let us know, if you find any problems in the update.

All the best


Update: We found one issue in the patch:

– If you scroll the mouse-wheel in the 3d world it will scroll the chat window at the same time. (It’s already corrected in our development version and will be part of the next patch)

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