Valentine’s Day in Twinity


*love is in the air*… In the 3Dair as well and this is for all of you love birds and friends and… cousins and aunts and moms..;) Because Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, right?

Your BFF, a family member , make sure you tell them how much you appreciate and care for them. Let them love you and love them back!

You guys have made so many wonderful experiences and friends, found love, cried and laughed… and all while experiencing a 3D Virtual World. We can not write about it all and share it all here but we do want to have a look at some of it and who knows maybe at the end of this post you we will all have gained some more ideas on how to spend Valentine’s.


3DArtWork: Sandra Rubio

And while we’re at it, here is a wonderful 3Dgift idea for your beloved, roses!

Or you could plan a quiet evening together, smooth tunes and a calm night.


3DArtwork: Eo “Mélancolie”

There are several martyrdom stories out there about how Valentine’s Day got to be the day to celebrate love.

Some actually believe the roots of Valentine’s Day stem from the ancient, possibly pre-Roman festival. And if you’re more the type to go for a 3DAdventure why not plan a date out exploring. After all, what better place to go 3D Sightseeing, than in Twinity, right?


3DScene: Angelstar

So many new places added every day, you can’t go wrong! And after all “Love is all you need” right?

But if you really want to go big and sweep your beloved of her or his feet, well then.. how about gifting her or him, the moon and the stars?


3DPhotography: Elz 

No matter how you do it though.. We wish all of you a most wonderful Valentine’s Day  with the one you hold most dear!

Happy Valentine’s Twinizens!