Twinity’s most creative

We did a few posts a while back on the winner’s style and clothing in collaboration with a Twinizen and we had so much fun and totally loved it then that we decided to follow the same recipe for success this time as well.

Enough drum-roll, the winner is Vampire Queen

The #machinima  below is just a little taste of what the new #3DShop has to offer- check it out!!!

Machinima captures in GMVQueen B.Y.S and Dungeon of Goths #3DVirtualShops

Some of these items are now in the 2D Shop accessible from in-game ! We had great fun trying on the clothes in 3D and now it’s time to allow everyone else to go and check the shop and do some #VW Shopping of their own 😉 Check out Vampire Queen’s new shop you’ll love it!!!  GMVQueen B.Y.S