Twinity Shopping – Better than Ever!

Have you been shopping in Twinity lately?  Just in case you’ve missed some of the great things we’ve been doing, here is a summary!  Feel free to contact Shop Manager with any questions or suggestions you may have too.

New Shops:

  • The Beach Shop offers a wide variety of outdoor items including several houses.  This shop is also a great way to see and explore all the possibilities of our newest Countryside real estate option – the Beach Environment.
  • Fetishes and Fantasies is your source for everything you need to take full advantage of your Access Pass!

More Items:

  • We’ve added lot’s of brand new items, and not just VIP items either!  The new items include clothing, furnishings and animations.
  • The 2D shop offers more Twinizen items than ever before, we’ve added hundreds of great items made by Twinizens just like you!
  • To help make all these items easier to find, we’ve also added some new Folders to the 2D shop and shifted items around to group them more effectively for your shopping convenience.

New Sales:

  • Each week Shop Manager shines the spotlight on a different Twinity shop, to introduce them to new Twinizens as well as reacquaint older Twinizens with them.  As part of this promotion, the highlighted shop will offer at least 1 item for only 5 globals!  We’ve seen some amazing deals so far and more are yet to come, but you have to take advantage of it quickly – each sale only lasts 1 week, until a different shop gets the focus.  Be sure to keep an eye on the event calendar – the spotlight shop changes every Sunday.

Shop Manager isn’t done yet, she’s got more changes to improve the shopping experience on the way.  Be sure to check out these updates, so you can let her know if she’s on the right track or if you have even better ideas that she should work on!


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