[Support] Emails from Twinity support

Dear Twinizens,

We’ve heard from some members that they haven’t been receiving emails from our customer support team. We’ve checked into the issue to the extent that we can, and we’ve come to the sad conclusion that a lot of this comes from the joys of email and spam prevention in the modern email world.

So, to make sure you get our emails, we’d like to ask you please to add support@twinity.com to your contact list, address book or to your “allowed” list.

We’re going back for the last few weeks, to the point where we started to hear about potential problems in email delivery, and resending our responses to Twinizen support tickets. For most of you, this may mean getting duplicate messages, and for that we apologize. However, we think it’s better to risk over-communicating in order to make sure we’re answering your questions.

Also, moving forward, we’re going to answer support questions via email and via your messages in Twinity.

Finally, we’ve now implemented some anti-spam measures on our mail services, including SPF, and contacted ISPs like Yahoo mail and web.de to make sure that our mails do not get automatically tagged as spam.



PS: As always, if you have any concerns about our service or support, you can email me directly at jeremy (at) metaversum dot com. (fixing that address to the proper email address format, of course)

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  1. ich will so gerne hier in den chat. aber mein passwort weiß ich nicht mehr. bitte schicken sie mier eine meal zu. danke

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