Release notes from November 12 Twinity update

Here are some release notes from last week’s Twinity update, and apologies for them being late. This Twinity release features:

  • 5-star rating system
  • In-world map to help you navigate around
  • Lights can now be adjusted (dimmed, etc)
  • You can now set in-world web browsers to be coop (everyone sees the same thing) or individual (everyone can use it separately and sees different pages)
  • The ability to give gifts to other Twinizens
  • Collada integration for uploading items
  • Multi-player in-world games
  • Better performance in graphics and city loading
  • A new marketplace model on
  • Fixes for in-world search
  • Fixes for in-world radio

There’s even more behind-the-scenes stuff that we didn’t cover here. Enjoy!