Santa stops here and so should you!

Come get ready for Christmas! 😉

Since the Christmas holiday is here, we decided that the perfect stop for our winter VW sightseeing today is most definitely Christmas Island. x-mas_island_stage_1200x628

This place is it! Best place to allow yourself to be surrounded by the holiday spirit, have a little chat with Santa and maybe Rudolf..if you get it to speak “human” 😉 all in tropical Paradise environment!



If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, this is also the perfect virtual world location to start. From 3DChristmas trees to gift-boxes and decorations. And don’ forget to visit the Christmas cave… don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!


Unheard of, right? A VR tropical island at the North Pole, the virtual north pole of course! Well seeing s believing so hop online and check this place out!

And if you’re not a Twinizen..well it’s time you become one! Get your free account HERE and get ready for a new and better life, right here, right now!

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See you in 3D vw travelers! 🙂

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