Party on, dude! Twinity’s Gone Totally 80’s!

80s_shadow2.jpgTwinity is going totally 80’s big time in the Bodacious Breakfast Club this Thursday, July 10, at 19:00 (CET)! Guest DJs will spin your favorite 80’s classics from Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Visage to The Pretenders and Billy Idol. Wicked!

Blow it out and dye! Like, duh, we mean your hair! Purple or green, wannabe, punk or valley girl – whatever! Join the fun, dress up outrageously and party hearty like it was 1984. It’s going to be totally tubular, dude!

We’ll provide awesome visuals on the dancefloor and pump up the volume on the tunes! Dudes and dudettes, are you stoked or what? Let’s rock the cradle of love!
PS: Check your Gifts folder for excellent 80’s t-shirts and some seriously bad sunglasses. Rock on!

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