Twinity mentioned in the Guardian UK

Vic Keegan  just wrote a piece on virtual worlds in The Guardian. The mention of Twinity is a bit smaller, but there are some interesting note from this article. First, the title:

Virtual worlds take over the online world

That’s a bold statement, but naturally in line with our vision. Also, it was interesting to see the notes on how many worlds are from European or European-backed companies.

And, of course, we need to include the mention of Twinity.

Another European world is Twinity of Germany – not yet public – which mashes virtual worlds with real cities, including New York. My avatar has an apartment in Berlin, though I have not yet figured out how to open the front door. One neat feature is that you can upload a photo of yourself (front and side views) to paste on to your avatar to make it more lifelike.

Thanks for the mention!

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