New Update

Dear Twinizens, a new update was released today! Here is the list of improvements:

1. Teleport issues using the mini-maps are now fixed

2. Some people complained about receiving too many old popup messages right after login. Now we do not send the old messages to you anymore, so you do not have to close tons of popups after login.

3. If you have a lot of friends, now you will load them faster when you start your Twinity client. Even Monica can handle her +5,000 in a second 😀

4. A brand new Twinity launcher is added! It allows you to see who is online, visiting your place, getting your messages and friends requests without having Twinity running, all very easy to handle from your desktop with not more than 3 clicks. And of course you can launch your Twinity with a single click 😛
It will be not switched today automatically to all users, but if you are too curious to wait, you can already activate it. Just change your Twinity shortcut on the tesktop to point to “TwinityLauncher.exe” instead of “Twinity.exe”. Please report to us how the new tool works for you.

5. And last but not least: up for a dancing game? Discover the new dancing game we just added to Miami Beach! <3 Get your score, it will be saved in your user profile and it will be visible to everyone!