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  1. Personally, I don’t mind Twinity on Facebook as long as it’s used as a complement to the website. As it stands, it seems as if you’re relying on it too heavily as a crutch. Twinity should have its own in-house community and news-based site, not rely on a 3rd party app like Facebook to provide that for it.

    Also, using Facebook for exclusive content leaves people out of the loop. I was unable to participate in many contests because I don’t use it. My suggestion: use Facebook if you must, but only if you can fully integrate it into the Twinity site and not make it so only Facebook users can participate in certain events (like contests).

  2. I fully agree with R.C. as I was not on Facebook for a long time then decided to try it out. I thought I will be spammed heavily when liked the Twinity channel but for my surprise it is just about fine.
    But then again, there is life outside Facebook. 🙂

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