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“On Tuesday, March 16th 2010 at 11:59pm Pacific time marked the one week after officially turned out its lights for the final time. It is safe to say a lot of Therians may still be in tears, angry, or bitter about losing their virtual home and virtual friends.  It was a great place and it will be missed by all of us. However, be mindful that there are some of us picking up the pieces, brushing ourselves off, and not feeling bitter or angry but instead are taking that negative energy and turning it into a positive by looking more towards a brighter future of things to come.

Sure, we had a lot going for us in with the hoverboats,hoverbikes,hoverpacks,hoverboards,buggies and bacios not to mention our loving dogs as pets too. Just, for a moment think of it, no matter where we all end up going, you’re going to find old friends and make new ones along the way. The worlds out there being developed, like Twinity will be benefiting so much from us logging in and finding a new home like theirs. After all, we’ve just come from a place that had lasted Seven years. That’s Seven years of lasting friendships through the good and the bad times. we as Therians have not ended, we have only just begun. Please, try Twinity. It is the closest to home that I have found. There’s a great staff here that makes you feel at home and wants to listen to your needs as a Therian. Twinity has a ton of potential and a whole lot of room to grow and thrive if you just give it a chance.”

Thank you, Kaylea, for this feedback! We are glad that you like Twinity and feel that this is the place to stay; all the thoughts and ideas that come from the community are valued and we try to make Twinity a fun world for all of you. The former Therians fit in so well and already start contributing a lot – we hope you will start feeling at home soon, we love to have you here!

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  1. hello i to am a past therian and was told to go and check twinity out and so i did well i am just in to twinity now and love it. i love to decorate and have two very nice places to call home. i enjoyed a concert last night or two and was very happy by the fun that was found there. peace, kiss kiss!

  2. i just found out i am a wolf therian i always go to this tree and sleep there most of the day and i heard somebody say that kid sleeps like a wolf and now i looked randomly on the internet quizs and found out.

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