zitty Reader’s Lounge turns it up a notch – again!

This edition of the monthly zitty Reader’s Lounge will be packed with even more literary delight: On Thursday, 26 March there will be two featured authors! Both write about dealing with people they would love to leave behind:

Flix is a normal human being living in Berlin – which is kind of odd, since all the people around him try to act too cool! Flix is confused, wondering about a lot of things, and sometimes despairs that he is made of flesh and blood. “Der Swimmingpool des kleinen Mannes” (“The swimming pool of the Normal Joe”) is the second in his daily online series “Heldentage,” where he turns his everyday adventures into fun comic strips.

Mischa-Sarim Verollet lives in Bielefeld. This German town taught him an important lesson: “Das Leben ist keine Waldorfschule” (“Life is no Waldorf school”). So he became a traveling writer and won every important poetry slam in the German speaking world along the way.

The zitty Readers Lounge in the kantine@berghain is broadcast live to the zitty editorial office at Hackescher Markt, which means that all Twinizens can take an active part in the live literary debate.

Where: zitty Redaktion

Date: Thursday, 26 March 2009

Time: 20:00 Berlin // 2pm NYC // 03:00 Singapore

English-speaking Twinizens please note: This is a German-language event, but you’re still welcome to come along and enjoy the music by Motor FM after the reading and meet up with Twinity members from all around the world!

Visit the zitty Reader's Lounge in Twinity - monthly live broadcast!

Visit the zitty Reader's Lounge in Twinity - monthly live broadcast!

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