Will discusses “Simple Lies”

Twinizen Will has some interesting comments and questions about Twinity and online content on his Animexter blog with a post called “Simple Lies” suggests a model for documentary.

So in future there could be a form of documentary linking videos even if they are not available for editing together. I think avatars and virtual worlds could be useful as a place for discussion and interviews. Less chance of needing a release form for passers by. So far as I know the possibility of stills and video is just accepted. I have made several trips to Twinity Berlin, including the Bitroplis cinema and the C/O Gallery.

The C/O Gallery has all the exhibits in an actual show in the virtual world. Works well for photographs. There is still a reason to go to a gallery but this policy is different to some others.

The questions remain much the same. What is the effect of technology changes on how content is created, promoted, and distributed? Is a new approach viable?

Discuss. 🙂

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