Virtual Singapore now open in Twinity

Twinity, the world’s first mirror world, is launching virtual Singapore – Twinity’s first city in Asia – on August 9th. Wanted: Online pioneers from all over the world to come together and bring this metropolis to life!


Singapore, 4 August 2009 – Metaversum, developer of Twinity, the virtual world made of real people and real places, is launching virtual Singapore on August 9th with a big celebration of Singapore’s National Day.

Twinity extends a warm welcome to pioneering virtual Singapore residents from around the world. Prime retail and residential real estate is now available, so claiming your stake in virtual Singapore has never been easier. Explore the city, locate the perfect apartment, and make yourself at home.

Virtual Singapore is also open for business and the commercial opportunities are endless. Set up shop in a premium neighborhood or open a gallery, music venue, bar or restaurant. Show your allegiance to Singapore and welcome Twinizens from other parts of the virtual world to your home city.

Singapore is Twinity’s second international capital to launch after Berlin. Both cities are currently in public beta testing. The first city district of Singapore to open is the area around Orchard Road, where this year’s virtual NDP 09 celebrations will be held.

Visitors to Orchard Virtual can enjoy a multimedia extravaganza, including livestreams from the real NDP event and integrated multimedia content showcasing the city to the world, plus themed virtual items and special NDP competitions with exciting prizes. A centre stage will host a virtual performance of the NDP 09 theme song by Singapore’s electrifying band Electrico, as well as the NDP pledge moment to be held at 8:22 PM.

Twinity was supported by the multi-agency Interactive Digital Media R&D Programme Office (IDMPO), hosted by the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

Mr Dennis Sng, Programme Director, IDMPO said: “We are excited to see Twinity taking off. This is one of the Co-SpaceTM projects that IDMPO supported last year. With Twinity, Singaporeans will have a whole new experience of National Day celebrations this year. Singaporeans living overseas can also participate in the celebrations through the virtual world.”

Co-SpaceTM is defined as the next generation of the web where physical places coexist with dynamic, real-time virtual environments to provide users with the ability to process and manipulate information seamlessly between both the physical and virtual space.

The virtual world Twinity is currently in public Beta. Register for free membership at and start exploring the world today.

Download the digital press kit with screenshots and videos here: