Twinity update tonight

Twinity will be offline from approximately 9 PM (2100) CET to 7 am (0700) CET for an update tonight.

After the update, we’ll send release notes to the Twinity-beta mailing list. Also, the first time you launch Twinity after the update, a patch will automatically be downloaded and installed. Please expect that to take a few minutes.

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  1. Is it just me? Ive tried to download the beta but keep getting a message after download that the installer is corrupt. So my comp does not let me install.

  2. @ connie sec, @ randall,

    yes, there will be a new installer today. we’ve had a few reports about download issues. unfortunately, we haven’t been able to reproduce them on our side, but let’s see if a new installer helps. i’ll make a new post when the new setup file is available.

    thanks, and apologies,

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