Twinity – Not Possible IRL

Some nice comments about Twinity from this link:

From Beth:

“I’ve been doing a little peek at Twinity, but it’s in very early Beta. I’ll return when they’ve added an ability to upload content – not just textures – but it looks promising,” said Beth. When I asked what kind of content she was hoping for, she indicated that she’s looking to them to make sound files, 3d builds and eventually scripting uploadable. “At the moment, its textures and webpages on a prim. The webpages on a prim do rock, though,” she added.

Glad you like the webpages on a prim! And other stuff is coming… Remember, it’s still beta! 😉

And on stability:

I asked if it was stable at present, to which she replied, “Nope – you’ve got to have a patience of a saint.”

This is only fair. We’re working hard on this, and early results show positive results from the April 9 update, even if you do have to download the client again.

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  1. Having been active in Virtual Worlds/Platforms for over 10 years, I found this most interesting. I see there is a facility for uploading scripts and play movies, although not active at the moment. This will allow a level of commerce

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