Twinity New Update, just in time!

Dear Twinizens,

It took the team a bit of time to have the new Twinity Update ready, but we really wanted to deliver it as a very special Christmas present to all you and it is finally here! Apart from releasing the Activity System, we are also fixing some bugs you had reported to us.

New Toolbar Buttons

To start, we changed the buttons of the Toolbar Menu and added a new Tasks button where you can find many different activities to complete, earn points,  level up and unlock features. We adapted the existing Welcome Tour to improve the new user experience and we will be rolling out different activities in upcoming updates for the Twinizens who already mastered the basics.

New Tasks and Levels

When you start Twinity after the update, each of you will have a different level in game. It depends on many factors, that you can find out more about clicking on the star in the upper left corner, next to the Twinity logo. Each level activates a certain feature in Twinity: this way new users have not so many options at start so they can focus on learning the main parts.

Level up and discover more activities

So you get the idea, once you reach the 2nd level, you get the Starter Apartment. After you get into the 3rd level, the Moods buttons are added to the Animations window and you can then change the way you walk. With level 4 the ability to fly gets unlocked and reaching level 5 allows you to upload objects from your computer. Once you are on level 6, you can open a shop in Twinity, in level 7 is time to create your Photofit of your avatar’s face. For now, you can go up to level 10 and it will be your mission to discover what is waiting for you on Level 8, 9 and 10 😀