Twinity Happy Easter Bash

Dear Twinizen,

It’s Easter time and we want to celebrate the arrival of spring with you in Twinity! Join us on Thursday, 13 March at 19:00 (CET) at Happy Easter Bash, Berlin for our Happy Easter Bash!

Our Happy Easter Bash includes daffodils for everyone and an Easter egg hunt! When you get to the party, look for these instructions to help you find colored Easter eggs and win a neat prize!

  1. Count the number of eggs in the garden.
  2. Find LARS or AKIRA and send a private message telling us the number of eggs you find
  3. If correct, you’ll receive a clue!
  4. The clues will lead you to fabulous Easter items in Twinity! Your prize will be hidden in a secret location in the library. Lars or Akira will tell you the information you need to find it. Then hop around the party with your new Easter items!

As always, Twinity Support will be there to answer questions, get feedback, dance with you and be merry!

– The Twinity Team

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