Twinity – 100 strong, and growing

Actually, it’s 100,000 (or 100.000, 100 000 or 100K, if you prefer). Twinity’s membership is now officially past the 100K mark. For all of here at Metaversum, this is a very happy event. We’ve worked long and hard to bring you Twinity, the first virtual world that mashes up with the real world. And we will continue to work to make Twinity a place where you can be yourself, have fun, go shopping, enjoy really cool events and get a glimpse of the hottest new movies. We want to continue to serve you, listen to your feedback, and make Twinity the best that it can be. And of course, we want to keep growing – so invite your friends to Twinity!

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  1. Great stuff Jeremy! You might contact those sites that track population numbers of MMO’s. (realizing you are a virtual world).

    As well as the gaming communities, and wikipedia to add this information.

    Have you guys ever considered banner ads on small sites?

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