Today: Live Broadcast of Berlin Fashion Week

The Fashion Week and its two famous fairs: BREAD & BUTTER and Premium bring fashion experts from all across the world to Berlin. Unfortunately, normal fashion aficionados just don’t have the opportunity to see it.

Not anymore! Twinity in cooperation with zitty, Tagesspiegel and BREAD & BUTTER Berlin, offer you a unique chance to live the experience, as international professionals talk about all the action behind the scenes and explain how fashion works. At the symposium STILFRAGEN (~”Style Questions”) successful designers, photographers and marketing experts will discuss the future of fashion.

Twinity will be broadcasting this event live to virtual Berlin.

Here is the program:

Fashion Week Berlin: STYLE QUESTIONS – Fashion experts in dialog

3 pm Intro with Lorenz Maroldt (Tagesspiegel)

3.15 pm What is good fashion design and who needs it?

How can you uncover a good quality in fashion design? What part plays design in the fashion industry? With a special focus on jean – fashion design for the masses.

Panel discussion with Scott Morrison (evisu), Jason Denham (, Adriano Goldschmied (Designer – Label AG Adriano Goldschmied) and Francois Girbaud (Marithé + Francois Girbaud Group)

4 pm Green Fashion: Is fashion really going “green“?

We agree with “correct“ lifestyle, but do we agree to pay a higher price just to have a clear


Lecture with Tony Tonnaer (kuyichi)

4.30 pm Green Fashion: Cradle to Cradle

100 % recyclable fashion design and production. Cradle to Cradle at the example of Nike Considered, Backhausen Stoffe, Addidas SLVR line, American Apparel.

Lecture with Joost Backus, Management team member Koekoek BV

4.45 pm From garment to composition

Strategies of fashion-photography.

Slide-Show with Alexander Gnädinger, Fashion Photographer

5.10 pm What do young designers need to know?

Lecture with pr-expert and coach Rike Doepp (Fashion Patrons)

5.30 pm Function and explanation of “drive and credits“.

It is less material, quality and processing of fashion than the image of a brand that counts. We want to know: What are the needs and wants of specific target groups? How can one produce an “image” of a product?

Panel discussion with Chris Häberlein (haeberlein & mauerer), Julia Winkels (Brand Consulting), Jan Mihm (Marketing Uslu Airlines), Katharina Kemmler (NOWADAYS CREATIVE PRODUCTION), Svenja Evers (Brand Manager Finlandia Vodka & Jack Daniel’s Germany)

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