The Guardian on online cities

From a great article over at The Guardian, there’s an examination of the “real-world boom in online cities.” There’s quite a lot about Twinity there as well.

It now faces fresh competition from two new virtual Londons with contrasting business plans due to open in the next month or two. One is run by the German-owned Twinity, which already has a virtual Berlin (where I have an apartment) and a Singapore. It will focus initially on the community and enthusiasts – invited via a Facebook group – while also exploring commercial opportunities such as leasing Oxford Street shops to their real-life owners.

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  1. @David and @Lady, checking out new things is always good. I think you’ll find that there are strengths and weaknesses in all systems. We hope that we’re doing what we can to make Twinity a place you’ll enjoy.

  2. Will twinity London also allow shopping?

    I think near Global will have all those services..

    Both Berlin and virtual Singapore currently does not seem to have real shops inside?

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