The first pool ever in Twinity?

At least according to the Twinity Monitor:

What’s that, you say? A pool? Yes, just like you, I didn’t know what to make of his declaration that there was now a swimming pool in Twinity.

But I was in for a surprise. Not only was the pool a usable object (meaning avatars could sit in it), it was filled with rippling, transparent water! As if that wasn’t amazing enough, the pool was located in the middle of a tropical paradise!

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  1. Ahem…
    Duh… Was the word that pop out of my mind when I saw this post.
    Whats the big deal about a pool in Twinity.. There are hundreds of pools everywhere in all kinds of virtual worlds and fantasy worlds and games worlds. You supposed to be a mirror world right?

    Please post something meaningful that I can visit and do in Twinity. Thank you very very much.

    I started out impressed with Twinity but I am having second doubts.

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