[Support] Twinity update done – new login and privacy settings, release notes sent

Dear Twinizens,

Related to the updated naming system, we have a few things to tell you about how to log in to Twinity now:

  1. You need you use your email address instead of your username. You’ll see that in the login form both on www.twinity.com and in the Twinity client.
  2. You need to log in once on www.twinity.com and set your privacy settings. As soon as you log in on www.twinity.com, you will be automatically taken to a form to set privacy for your name display, your birth date display and your online status display.

Additionally, I have sent release notes to the Twinity-beta mailing list with information about what is included in this update.


– jeremy

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  1. @kate, this is a bug that pops up occasionally for some people. our support team will get in touch with you to try to get this fixed for you.

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