[Support] Twinity on Apple Mac OS

Dear Twinizens, and prospective Twinizens,

We have received feedback from several members interested in a Mac OS version of Twinity, or knowing what support for Mac is available. Unfortunately, at the moment, Twinity is not supported on the Mac platform.

On the bright side, Twinity has been tested under Boot Camp on MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and has worked without any particular issues. This configuration is not officially supported, but should work. Twinity has not been tested under Parallels, as DirectX support in Parallels is still experimental.

We are keeping a list of people interested in a Mac version of Twinity, and we are looking into ways to bring Twinity to the Mac and provide official support for Twinity on the Mac. We will notify those interested if we find a solution.


The Twinity support team