Spring Fever? Come party with us on April 10!

Dear Twinizens,

Spring has sprung and we have spring fever! Join us on Thursday, April 10th at 19:00 (CET) in the Spring Apartment, Berlin, for our Spring Fever Party and Puppy Love Lounge!

Many of our members are new to Twinity, so stop by the party and make some new friends! The Spring Fever Party is a fantastic opportunity to chat, mingle, dance and have some fun.

Don’t panic if it takes a little longer than usual to teleport to the Spring Apartment. The apartment will be decorated with many surprises, so it may take an extra minute or two to load. It’s worth the wait! We’re giving out free gifts to all partygoers.

Springtime brings with it happiness and joy. It’s also a time for awakening in your heart and emotions. Look for a special room at the party where you can dabble in those feelings.

Sound like fun? The Spring Fever Party is bound to be even better than our Happy Easter Bash, so don’t miss out! We can’t wait to see you there.

The Twinity Team

PS: Twinity Support and Metaversum staff will be at the party. We welcome any suggestions, questions or feedback you might have about your experiences in Twinity. Thanks for being a member of Twinity! Have a look at the pictures of our Happy Easter Bash to see what our previous in-world parties currently were like!

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