Singapore’s National Day Celebrations Go Global in Twinity’s Orchard Virtual

As an official sponsor of the National Day Parade 09, Twinity is taking the celebration global. For the very first time, a worldwide audience can take part in the festivities at Orchard Virtual to mark Singapore’s national holiday, in conjunction with the upcoming launch of virtual Singapore.

Singapore, 10 July 2009
– Metaversum, developer of Twinity, the world’s first mirror world – a virtual world made of real people and real places – today announced that Twinity is an official sponsor of Singapore’s National Day Parade 2009. This year, Singapore fans can celebrate their national holiday at Marina Bay, in the Heartlands, and from anywhere in the world in Orchard Virtual, Twinity.

Singapore is Twinity’s second international capital and follows hot on the heels of virtual Berlin. The first district to open is the area around Orchard Road (Orchard Virtual), the retail and entertainment hub of downtown Singapore.

Twinity’s NDP celebration will be open to all for free and will showcase Singapore to a worldwide audience. Visitors to Twinity on National Day will see a multimedia extravaganza, featuring integrated web, audio, video, and photo collections, an interactive quiz, themed virtual items, and a dance party. Other exciting events and appearances will be announced soon.

Come together @ Orchard Virtual: Get a sneak peak of virtual Singapore now and get ready for the biggest day in the Singaporean calendar. Sign up to Twinity at and be one of the first to explore orchard virtual Singapore and bring the city to life, even before the official opening.

Twinity is supported by the multi-agency Interactive Digital Media R&D Programme Office (IDMPO) hosted by the Media Development Authority of Singapore. IDMPO was established in 2006 under the mandate of the National Research Foundation to deepen Singapore’s research capabilities in interactive digital media (IDM), fuel innovation and shape the future of media.

The virtual world Twinity is currently in public Beta. Register for free membership at and start exploring the world today.

Watch the Twinity NDP press video here.


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  1. Sounds Cool..
    Justloggin to check things out.
    Loading time is ridiculoous long. Got time to brew coffee before downloads completes.

    It was completely empty of people when I was there. Wonder where is everyone else.

    Explore around for 10 mins.. Saw Twinity Logos everywhere. Dont know what it was supposed to be for me to do. Video works but I am not singaporean and not interested in National Day Singapore.

    Of a population of 4 million people in Singapore dont know how many people will use this.

    What are you guys at Twinity thinking?

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