Shop This Look!

Or rather shop this pose! #MysteryShopping at the new  Go Shopping Globe addition.

If you’re a creator and you have a #3DShop you can contact support and submit your shop for the Globe and Business Directory.

Calle’s #3DShop called Pose recently added to Globe menu has a variety of couples and individual poses for you to choose from and enjoy with your special someone or with your #onlinefriends.

From poses you can place anywhere when you decorate your own home in virtual to furniture items that include pre-set poses for general audience . If you’re a Twinizen you know that we just love to mix shopping with parties so make sure you watch out for #onlineevents held here. 

Remember to sign the guestbook and rate the places your visit! Be a mystery shopper yourself and let us know what you loved or what you’d change in this place?

Take advantage of another “add to cart kind of day” in Twinity now! 😉  Join us for free here and you’ll see exactly what I mean!


Until next time virtual traveler,

Happy shopping!