Sered on Twinity’s progress

The link is here. Some of the positive feedback:

It’s nice to see it develop over time! Some parts of the Twinity vision are much better articulated these days; the mixing of real and virtual for instance is becoming much more obvious as a center piece of Twinity’s offering.

In the past, I’ve had a lot of crashes with Twinity. Today I adjusted the Twinity resolution to match my screen resolution (1440×900), and this seems to have a positive effect. I now can use control-alt to switch between Twinity and other applications without Twinity crashing, and the graphics look better too.

Some of the areas where we still need to improve:

Too bad one can’t control the lighting in Twinity – for the European market, it means shopping in a dark store as you can see. Twinity’s day/night cycle has always matched the real world cycle, and while I appreciate why that’s done (remember, mixing virtual and real), the result is that I’m always stumbling around in the dark when visiting Berlin.

I’m still experiencing performance issues. Lots of harddisk and network activity, and lots of lag

The Twinity client still feels clunky

We’re working on all three of those areas, and we hope to have improvements in all three areas in the next few releases.

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