sered on the London Eye

Here’s the link, with some good comments:

Twinity has come a long way, in 2009. A much more stable client, three cities online, activities to do and an emerging community.

and some great suggestions for improvement:

The first one, is draw distance. In Second Life I can choose to set the draw distance to a large value. Of course it will take a lot of time to load the environment if you do so, but snapshots like this one would certainly improve:

The other thing is the day and night cycle. I understand why Twinity – a mirror world after all – would have a natural day and night cycle. But, given that I usually work during the day, it means I’m mostly confined to seeing dark cities.

And I miss the fog. Especially with London not yet being finished, it might be a good idea to introduce some atmospheric haze.

Thanks for those ideas – we’ll look into them!

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