Sending postcards from Twinity

According to sered:

The ‘Send Postcard’ functionality in Twinity is actually easy to use, but doesn’t allow you to hide the interface yet. But, so far, it’s well done. A valuable addition to Twinity, in my opinion.

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  1. Yes, I totally agree with sered.

    What I have seen on Koinup, is that virtual worlds members get more and more involved with postcards and inworld screnshots, if they have the chance to remove huds and/or have a pool of advanced features.

    Sometime people build new and innnovative artforms on the ground on the simple snapshot, if they are allowed to do it.

    So I’m looking forward to see such new features on Twinity

  2. For sered: I tried to hide the UI first then to send it but it didn’t worked. Maybe I was just lame. 🙂

    I wonder how many peoples already reported this small problem (including me)?
    The funny part is that I tried to do the same in Second Life (to send a postacd) and figured out that it is not existing there (yet).
    So great future, just please, let us hide that UI when want to send a postcard.

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