Release Notes from Today’s Update: Be Proud of your Achievements!

We are proud of your achievements – and you can be too now!

When it comes to creating and exploring Twinity or dressing up their avatars in wonderful creative outfits or throwing fabulous parties and events; Twinizens amaze us everyday with their great accomplishments.  They contribute and shape Twinity by building and creating amazing apartments, furniture, fashion and much more which adds the extra portion of fun and creativity to Twinity.

What better way to value those achievements exist than with badges?  We will release our new badge system today and start off with a couple of badges in the following categories: Travel, Lifestyle and Living. As of today Twinizens can earn badges like the Marathon Badge, The Good Host Bagde or the My Home is My Castle Badge.  We’ll start off with a couple for a start and you’ll see more and more new badges added from now on.

Twinity members find their achieved badges in their in-world profile or after having finished the welcome tour by clicking on the green button next to the Twinity logo.

We’ll think the new badges will turn out to be great fun. Try them out, enjoy and as always let us know what you think! We are happy to receive your feedback or new ideas for badges. Just send an email to or leave a comment here.

Other improvements covered by the update:

  • New mouse over tool tips
  • You can now control nudity settings in your own apartment
  • Signing up for Twinity now is also supported with Facebook Connect
  • Some other minor bugs have been solved
  • Some usability improvements have been introduced

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