Behind The Scenes

Dear Twinizens,

I heard that some of you are nervous about the future of Twinity because of a number of different rumors. So I thought it might be helpful to explain a bit what has been going on in the last year.

Indeed our main investors did leave Metaversum (the company behind Twinity) end of 2010. I was CTO at that time and aquired the majority of shares in a so called management buyout from our ex-investors and became CEO of Metaversum.

My main goal in the last year was to put Twinity on stable financial grounds to make it possible to run it without loosing money. To achieve this I reduced our costs to a minimum and also did some steps to increase our revenues (e.g. the new VIP pass and adult pass).

I am happy to tell you that these measures allowed me to run Metaversum without losses in 2011. Also Twinity is now break-even. This means that the revenues we make allow us to cover all running costs.

To show city exteriors in Twinity we had to pay high license fees to our map data provider in the past. As my main goal was to make Twinity pay for its running costs, I decided to stop paying these license fees from the beginning of 2012. As a result we are not able to show the city exteriors any more at this time. It was a difficult decision, but now Twinity is free of costly ongoing licenses.

We can bring back the cities in the future if we re-license the map data or if we move our city-generation-technology to free data sources like open street map.

I hope this information helps to understand a bit better what was going on behind the scenes recently. If you have more questions, you can always talk to me or Carolyn in world or contact us via mail and feedback.

Best wishes


CEO Metaversum

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