Recent Patcher Issue

Dear Twinizens,

We mentioned early that we may be in for a bumby ride because of some of the major changes that we are making to Twinity. Well, we hit a pretty big bump. Unfortunately, an issue occurred with the release last Friday in regards to the patcher. Fortunately, not everyone was affected, rather only those who attempted to login over a brief period of time. We are in the process of contacting each of these members, however, the simplest way to see if your client was affected is to look at the version number (can be found on the bottom left corner of the screen in the client). If the version is 43385 then there are two possibilities that we can offer to fix the issue:
1) By far the simplest and fastest method: Simply download this small patch and run the installation. This will repair your client with no further action being required.
2) Some of you may have done this already, however, you can download the full client once again and do a fresh installation.
Should you need any support getting this issue resolved, by all means please feel free to contact us at Thanks again for your patience and understanding while we work through the occasional bump!

Best wishes,