Peter’s first experiences in Twinity

Peter has some info on his first experiences in Twinity on his Avid Insight blog. The review has some highlights and some areas where we still need to improve.

The default animations look fairly nice

The animations certainly seem fairly detailed, with facial expressions included in many, which is very nice.

And some improvement suggestions for us:

That aside, the text chat system being based on chat-bubbles, combined with the lack of camera freedom, would make discussions of more than a few avatars very difficult to do in text… but perhaps the aim is to encourage voice chat in Twinity anyway. The camera issues would also make it hard to present information to a group of people, or for multiple avatars to use a single resource, since they all need to be close to it ‘physically’ in order to see it.


It’s got a lot of promise, and it seems fairly well-made so far.

Peter, thanks so much for taking the time to putting that together!

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