Results of poll “Do you like to comment on blogs?”

  • Yes: 100%

That’s great for us, because we plan to use this blog as the primary means of communication with the Twinity community. Watch for more news tomorrow, and let us know if you’ll be at Virtual Worlds Fall 2007 in San Jose this week.

Twinity announcements next week

I know it’s been pretty slow on this blog, because we haven’t had much to announce publicly about Twinity and the upcoming Twinity beta. Next week, we’ll be talking more about the beta and making a few announcements.

Closing old polls

I noticed a small glitch in our polling system. Old polls were still open for voting on the past polls results page. I’ve now closed the old polls. Please remember to vote in the current poll “Do you like to comment on blogs?”. Thanks!

Explaining our blogs

We have 3 blogs, and we’ve had some feedback from people that it’s not really clear to them which blog is which. We do a few different things as a company, and not all things interest everyone, so I hope that this blog posting will help clear up which blog will give what information. I do hope you won’t stop reading all our blogs, though. 😉Read More

New poll “Do you like to comment on blogs?”

Admittedly, up until now, there hasn’t been a ton of content on this blog. Of course, that’s mostly because we haven’t kicked off the beta with external parties yet. That will change soon. I’m trying to get some sense of what volume of comments to expect on this blog when we do launch the beta. I’d like to start by asking the people who read this blog now if they like to comment on blogs, hence this week’s poll. Any insight you can share in the comments on this posting is also appreciated. Thanks!