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We have 3 blogs, and we’ve had some feedback from people that it’s not really clear to them which blog is which. We do a few different things as a company, and not all things interest everyone, so I hope that this blog posting will help clear up which blog will give what information. I do hope you won’t stop reading all our blogs, though. šŸ˜‰

We have 3 blogs:

  1. The Metaversum blog
  2. The Yumondo blog
  3. The Twinity blog

Metaversum is a company. As such, Metaversum has all the normal things that a company has – employees, business plans, offices, and products and services. Metaversum has two flagship services, Yumondo and Twinity. The Metaversum blog originally had postings about both Yumondo and Twinity in addition to entries about Metaversum, but that information is now being written separately on the Yumondo blog and the Twinity blog.The Metaversum blog is designed to do the following:

  1. Share information about and discuss certain aspects of the growth of Metaversum as a company
  2. Discuss aspects of our business that can be publicly discussed
  3. Give information about jobs available at Metaversum
  4. Share our thoughts about conferences and events that people working here attend
  5. Mention some highlights from Yumondo and Twinity
  6. If you want to follow the development of Metaversum the company, the events we attend, or are interested in working here or partnering with us, this is the blog for you

Yumondo is an urban stylesharing platform. What this means is that Yumondo is a place for people to exchange tips on the coolest places, events and things that help define their personal style. The Yumondo blog is intended to communicate with the community of Yumondo members, and will discuss some of the following topics:

  1. Growth in the Yumondo community
  2. Interviews with Yumondo community members
  3. Highlighted people, places, events, things or groups within the Yumondo community
  4. Communication about new Yumondo features, updates to the Yumondo site, and any site issues and customer support issues
  5. If you are a Yumondo member and want to keep up with all the latest news about Yumondo, this is the blog for you

Twinity is an online virtual world that enhances the real-world, and merges Web 2.0 with the virtual world. Since the Twinity beta is not yet open, this blog does not have many postings currently. The Twinity blog will cover:

  1. Growth in the Twinity community
  2. Highlights of innovation in the community
  3. Discussion about Twinity policies inside the virtual world
  4. Implementation of various Twinity features
  5. All aspects of the Twinity operations – hosting, maintenance downtimes, service interruptions, customer support
  6. If you are interested in Twinity, joining the Twinity beta, and exploring our virtual world, this is the blog for you

To summarize:

  • The Metaversum blog is about Metaversum the company. As a corporate blog, naturally, there will be some things that can be discussed publicly, and other topics that are company-internal.
  • The Yumondo blog is about the Yumondo community, and making sure that we serve the community well.
  • The Twinity blog is all about the Twinity world, everything that it is composed of, and the community of Twinity residents.

This entry is cross-posted at the Metaversum blog and the Yumondo blog.

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  1. Works for me!

    I think it was a great idea to refine the types of posts that will appear on the three different blogs. For me, I am mostly interested in Twinity so I felt as if I was missing content on the other blogs if I only came here.

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