Our partner Wundervoll featured in the New York Times

In a feature piece called “Berlin’s Personal Ideas on Technology,” there’s some mention of Wundervoll and Twinity:

For Wundervoll, part of its online presence is a store in the virtual Berlin of Twinity, a German company that is developing a virtual world along the same lines as Second Life. But this virtual world, which has around 180,000 members worldwide, is based on actual cities — Berlin was first; Singapore is next.

“And it’s funny, we are the only lingerie shop in Berlin,” at least the virtual one, Mr. Jaschke said with a laugh. “You could say we are market leaders there.”

Well, even though this article was from November 17, 2009, the Twinity info is a bit dated. Obviously, Virtual Singapore has been launched and we’re past 200,000 Twinizens now! 🙂

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