[Operations] Twinity Update November 4, 2009

Dear Twinizens,

We will be doing an update to Twinity today which will require a little downtime (15:45 until 16:45 CET). After the update and when you restart the client, the patching process will run automatically. Included with this release are the following bug fixes and new features:

– New UI for chat
– Detailed information concerning objects and memory usage for a location (found under the place information dialog)
– Ability to remove clothing from avatar
– Improvements to broadcast messaging
– Addition of ‘YouTube’ and ‘Streaming Video’ options to frame content
– Minor bug fixes which improve the stability of the client

Please also note that we have disabled VoIP temporarily while we investigate the cause of some crashes related to this feature. VoIP will be reactivated once we have determined and resolved the issue.



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