[Operations] Twinity update May 8, 2009

Dear Twinizens,

As you may have already read in the Blog, in the coming weeks there will be some major improvements to Twinity which focus on reliability and speed. We’re sure that you will like what you see, however, the road may be a little bumpy at first. We wanted to let you know that there will an update today to both the client and servers. Because of this, Twinity will be down for a longer period of time than normal (compared to past updates). The update will occur today beginning at 13:00 and complete by 15:00 (CET). Here is a short update on some of the key changes coming with this release:

– Major database changes to prepare for scripted objects
– Integration of new game server to improve connectivity and performance. Please be aware of potential instabilities in the next days as we are deploying a completely rewritten game server
– Minimap Layers – Ability to see selected location categories overlayed on the minimap
– Adding Unicode support
– Some minor fixes which occasionally caused the client to freeze
– Small improvements to the Inventory window which include resizing



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